2021/11/16 03:00

We have released a typing effect function

We have just released a typing effect function for the diagnosis creation screen.

This function is the same type of function as the existing shuffling effect function (a function that allows a character string to be displayed while shuffling) and is a function that makes it possible for one character to be displayed at a time, as if the text of the diagnosis results are being typed.

Sample gif animation.

The speed at which the characters are displayed (the display interval of the text) can be adjusted as well. If you allow the text to be displayed quickly at first then slowly from midway on, you can change the pace of the text’s display.

This should allow you to add a little flourish to the display of the diagnosis results.

You can find a diagnosis with a sample using this function here. Also, you can check the sample data for the diagnosis creation screen here.

We hope that you will make use of it. We hope that you will continue to support ShindanMaker.

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