🦋 Who's your ateez bias? 🦋 The one with the letter ''N'' in his name~


1Under one roof with ATEEZ 🏠

How is it like living with ATEEZ??

2Your moods as ATEEZ songs 🎶🎶

Do you resemble HALA HALA when you're angry..?

3Your ATEEZ nickname~

What nickname would each ATEEZ member give you?

4Your ateez compatibility ✅

How much compatible are you with each ateez member?

5All your firsts with ATEEZ

First bestfriend, first kiss, first love~


What's your ateez pick up line?

8Your ATEEZ date~

Enjoy your date~ 💞💕

10ATEEZ gives you the D

So you wanted the D hmm~?
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